yoga challenge

It’s been a while. I know. Though it’s been a while, I’ll keep this one short and sweet:) I’m still doing yoga at Bikram Yoga Tempe. Currently, I’m participating in the BYT 12 Year Anniversary Challenge. It’s an eight week commitment where you practice at least four times a week. Admittedly, I started with a BANG because I started off doing the 30 Day Challenge (26 classes in 30 days). However, this is a huge semester for me (which explains the absence). After the first two weeks of the challenge, I was on fire, going to class six days a week. After that, coordinating going to yoga while teaching five courses, re-designing our core courses, getting a jumpstart on job applications, writing my book proposal, working on an article, and just maintaining basic sanity, I kinda’ lost it! Luckily, when that happened, the studio announced the BYT 12 Year Anniversary Challenge. I just switched over and have a start date that’s a few weeks earlier than most. Going four times a weeks is still challenging because the work keeps on piling on. I go to campus everyday and stay for at least eight hours a day, often coming home after 7pm. When I’m home, I have dinner and then just conk out. Even with the yoga, I’m not sure how healthy this is. I have days where I feel like I can barely breathe. Personally, I think I’m using the yoga as insurance to do so.


This is the wall of participants. I’m towards the bottom.

The nice thing about the challenge is that there are a ton of people doing it. I like feeling that I’m in good company. These last two weeks have been really challenging and while I have a few sessions to spare, I’m afraid that I may fall behind – especially since I’m out of town during my last week of the challenge.

For now, the best thing I can do is dig my heels in and do my best to simply show up.

There’s a lot I can say about my practice. At some point, I’ll share when I have time. For now, I’ll say that I’m surprised that I can put up with the mundane nature of Bikram Yoga. It’s the same sequence and the same script. Day in and day out, the difference is you and your body. The instructors always say that it’s called yoga practice, not yoga perfect. This is true. My body does something different everyday. Sometimes I’m really flexible and sometimes I’m sore and stiff as all heck. The practice never lies. I can always feel the pangs of my life during class. Sometimes it’s pleasurable, other times, it’s uncomfortable. For me, yoga is the “me” time that forces me to confront the pleasure and discomfort.


There are complicated poses I can’t bare to do, but the one pose I have the hardest time with is the camel pose.I can’t say camel pose gets me weepy and emotional, but it does suffocate me. Technically, it’s not a difficult pose and physically, I’m capable of doing it. For some reason, transitioning into this pose is really difficult, because I always feel this odd choking sensation – like someone is pulling me from behind. I transition as best as I can, but usually, I collapse forward. I’m working on it….


It is my firm belief that no matter how sane and peppy I am, by the time we get to fixed firm pose, all I hear is “BIG SPERM pose.” There. I admitted it. It’s a terrible dirty secret that I harbor during each and every class. I can never take this pose seriously because I can’t get over the whole BIG SPERM thing. (hahaha)

Anyhoo… the challenge is become a more difficult because the work is piling on. Let’s hope this all ends well.

Celebrating EVERY body,

the fierce fathlete

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