searching for a good gym bag

Back in the day, I was in love with lululemon gym bags. They were wonderfully designed, super sturdy, and though pricey, worth every penny. Sadly, those days are gone. I dunno what happened but I’m just not into their bags anymore. My current, classic lululemon gym bag is this one:


It’s perfect in every way. I’ve had this for at least seven years. I bought it on sale for $39 and it’s wonderful. Sadly, the faux leather parts in plum are currently fraying. It looks unattractive. Granted, it still functions. However, I worry about the faux leather shedding and the leaving weird things around the gym. I want to use it to the death, but my life has different demands for a gym bag.

These past two weeks, I have forgotten my yoga mat three times! I prefer a bag that allows me to attach the mat to it. However, a good one like that is really hard to find. After consulting with the interwebs, I found this gem:


Say hello to the Hotdog Yogatote in amethyst. This is going on my Christmas wish list.

This is the Hotdog Yogatote in Amethyst and retails for $119.95. Sigh. It’s way out of my price range. However, I’m hoping Santa will be nice this year and send this my way. It’s made by a small company (Hotdog Yoga Gear) that values good quality. I’m all about that. This bag reminds me of Timbuk2 bags, which I adore. In fact, there’s a Timbuk2 bag that I love, but they don’t make it anymore. If they still made the Timbuk2 Flow tote, I’d be all over that!


I haven’t seen the Yogatote in person. However, the photos and descriptions look great. And it’s in purple! Plus, it seems sturdy enough to handle my 7-lb. Manduka Pro yoga mat. Btw, I’ve had this mat for seven years! I love it because it’s as wonderful today as it was when I first bought it. There’s barely any wear and tear on it. There are few yoga bags that can handle such a big mat. Therefore, I love that the Yogatote will make it easier for me to avoid forgetting my mat. While I’m not in a hurry for a new bag, when I’m at my breaking point, I’m hoping the yoga gods send this baby my way (unless Timbuk2 has enough sense to re-issue the Flow tote).

If any of you have suggestions on a similar bag, please lmk. I’d love to see what’s out there!

Celebrating EVERY body,

the fierce fathlete

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