challenge accomplished.

… and I managed to post this within the year that I actually completed the challenge!

To re-cap from my last post, I signed up for and officially finished this challenge:


YES! I gotta send some love and thanks to the folks at Bikram Yoga Tempe. Every year, they organize an anniversary challenge to celebrate another year of running a successful business. It is a well-deserved celebration because they run an AMAZING studio. (Ahem, all you other BY places really need to take note!)

When I first signed up, I thought this challenge was going to be easy peasy. 26 classes in 2 months (9 weeks) is no big deal for me, since I average 3-4 classes per week anyway. However, this semester I was traveling a lot more than I did last year. Therefore, I had to go full tilt boogie during the last part of the challenge. Just to give you a sense of how hard I had to push, I went to 14 classes during the last 18 days of the challenge. IMG_7761

Though I had to push at the end, I’m glad that I put another challenge in the books. In fact, because I had to go so often toward the end, I decided to continue and put those last 18 days toward a 30 Day Challenge. Yup. I’m doing what I had declared I wouldn’t do: complete 26 classes in 30 days. However, after doing some calculations, the 30 Day Challenge would end on the day that I have to fly out for the Thanksgiving holiday. Therefore, it would be a great way to bring in the holiday break. As of this writing, I am seven classes (and eight days) away from finishing my second Bikram Yoga challenge of the year. Once the challenge is done, I’ll give a full report, including why I decided that things would be different this time around. Until then….

Celebrating EVERY body,

the fierce fathlete