pianoThis blog started in 2005 when I trained for and ran the Maui Marathon with the Manilatown Running Collective (a.k.a. The Runbutans). It began as a communication tool between me, my teammates, and our generous donors. If you want a little information about the Runbutans or how I even started with the crazy idea of running a marathon, click here. Though the Runbutans have formally disbanded, I like to believe that what we did mattered. It was an important year to be a Runbutan. Namely, it was the year the International Hotel re-opened. I will always be thankful to be a part of such an important historical moment.

When the marathon ended, this blog was used to primarily track my nephew’s (Theo Tydingco) hockey career. As his aunt, I’m proud to continue sharing the accomplishments of this young aspiring hockey player.

When I finally got my act together in 2006, I decided I’d record my health, exercise, and CrossFit life here.After traveling overseas and swimming in exercise limbo, I decided to completely re-vamp this blog. In late 2008, I renamed it “the chronicles of a fierce fathlete.” In case you’re wondering, fathlete is just a random term that popped into my head.Anyway… I do like exercise, but I’m not an uber-athlete. For me, exercise is about health and sanity and honoring one’s body the way it is today and everyday. Don’t get me wrong. I like the challenge of something like CrossFit. But for me, the journey is about doing andfinishing. In my time. On my terms. I’ll admit that (like many women) I’ve wasted enough of my precious life hating my body. As someone who is older and is constantly trying to figure out how to live the best life possible, I’ve learned that the best starting line is at the intersection between love, laughter, and respect (especially for yourself).So here it is. I hope you enjoy the chronicles!


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